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*Nanojet (formerly MycroJet)


The Nanojet* technology is based on a novel, interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes formulation of stable inks and efficient aerodynamic transport of aerosol droplets. A critical aspect of Nanojet is the production of a stable print process using low-volatility inks, direct contact atomization, and aerodynamic lenses tuned to an aerosol droplet distribution.

The Nanojet lens assembly consists of at least one aerodynamic lens and one converging fluid dispense nozzle. The lens assembly collimates and focuses the droplet distribution to diameters as small as ten microns. The aerodynamic lens focuses median-size droplets in the distribution, while the nozzle focuses droplets with diameters at either end of the distribution. Invariability of line width with respect to sheath gas flow rate yields an extremely stable deposition process. Nanojet line widths range from approximately 25 microns to 1000 microns, with print speeds of approximately 5 to 50 mm/s.

25-micron Nanojet trace deposited on glass

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